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Layer 2 announcements

Cilium has the capability of announcing address on layer-2 as well, with some caveats. In short, this uses gratuitous ARP and thus will work for IPv4 only.

L2 Announcements is a feature which makes services visible and reachable on the local area network. This feature is primarily intended for on-premises deployments within networks without BGP based routing such as office or campus networks.

When used, this feature will respond to ARP queries for ExternalIPs and/or LoadBalancer IPs. These IPs are Virtual IPs (not installed on network devices) on multiple nodes, so for each service one node at a time will respond to the ARP queries and respond with its MAC address. This node will perform load balancing with the service load balancing feature, thus acting as a north/south load balancer.

Layer 2 announcement policy

Policies provide fine-grained control over which services should be announced, where, and how. This is an example policy using all optional fields:

cat <<EOF | kubectl apply -f -
apiVersion: ""
kind: CiliumL2AnnouncementPolicy
  name: l2announcement
      color: internal-only
      - key:
        operator: DoesNotExist
  - ^eno[0-9]+
  externalIPs: true
  loadBalancerIPs: true

Examine our layer-2 announcement policy

kubectl describe l2announcement