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Access with the Tailscale Operator

Tailscale is a Wireguard(tm) based software-defined networking platform, most often used to replace traditional VPNs, or implement Zero Trust Networking (ZTE). Tailscale is used to implement a Tailnet, peer-to-peer mesh network across all of your devices and services.

Tailscale also has some particularly cool features when used in combination with Kubernetes such as:

  • Expose a k8s workload to your tailnet directly
  • Create a k8s ingress acessible by your tailnet
  • Grant access to your k8s API server via tailnet
  • Authenticate access to your API server
  • Create subnet routers, or exit-nodes with in your cluster.

All of this is driven by the same Tailscale policy, and authenticated per-user and per-device, true Zero Trust access into your cluster.

Installing the operator

Exposing services

Creating subnet routers and exit nodes

Accessing the k8s API via Tailscale